Saturday, 9 July 2005

Cool Britannia

Tunku Varadarajan at the Wall Street Journal wrote to several friends in London, hoping the blasts had left them unscathed. He received responses that reassured him, "marked by that distinctive unflappability."
"I'm OK, but am a bit shattered, old boy. It's a hairy thing, walking to work at my age. At Bond Street [tube station] someone went around shouting 'Everybody out. Emergency reported.' Thousands stagger out. Bus queues horrendous. I get in line. Swear. Looked around for a taxi. I must be joking. So hoofed it. Still puffing. How to get home, Zeus knows!"
[Via Amit Varma at India Uncut.]

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Anonymous said...

THere is no Brit alive under the age of 80 who will use the word "old boy" . This was an Indian wannabe brit, actually Indian , probably bong , PG Wodehouse reading, friend, innit?