Sunday, 17 July 2005

The Spring Dosa strikes back

We can't stop chortling. In China, says this Business Standard story, they're bastardising North Indian cuisine.
Nitin Chawla — who, ironically, is in the business of serving Chinese food in India — and his bride were not as lucky. In the course of their honeymoon, they visited Shenzen and Guangzhou, and were horrified to encounter glorified dhabas masquerading as restaurants and serving samosas and yellow dal.
. (From what we know of BS's standards, this was a pretty mixed up, awkwardly-flowing piece, we must warn you. Unless it's one of the usual web-version-has-boxes-mashed-into-main-text-and-formatting-knocked-for-a-six stories. Which would be delicious coincidence. Update: Jai clarifies, in the comments section, that that was indeed the case. So an apology to the writer, whose name has slipped our feeble mind, and - darn - the BS link don't work no more. Jai?)

[Via Amit Varma]

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Jabberwock said...

Afraid that IS the case. There were three boxes with the story (represented on the webpage by the three subheads at the end of the piece). And the para breaks are, as always, completely random. The story, if you see it in print, doesn't read badly at all.