Sunday, 10 July 2005

Puke city

Live and let live, we say. It takes all kinds, we smile. Judge not, lest ye be judged, we remind ourselves. Still, we can't help smoking at the edges a bit at when we see sites like Save Indian Family Foundation.. On the home page they equate single parent families with crime:
The least we want is a large scale single parenting and resultant massive crime rate in another 15 years time. Is this the kind of society we plan to hand over to our children ?

And thesite is - surprise! - anti-feminism:
We are also opposed to various reductionistic ideologies like Feminism which advocate very ineffective and grotesque solutions to various social problems.
Flip to the Say No to Feminism page for more:
Feminists are against religion and spirituality. Almost all of them are Atheists deep inside. Have you ever come across any single instance of spiritual talk in Feminist literature that is circulated in India ? The answer would be No. They want everything around them to be arranged such that they can indulge in hedonism. They are hypochondriac hypocrites and they are infecting all of us at a very rapid rate. The satanic forces of Feminism (a part of the demon called reductionism) is threatening our very social existence.
A person can only be compassionate to everybody or she can be compassionate to nobody, because brain can not do a distinction.
Oh yes. there are pages showing the Correlation between breaking families and Cannibalism in Europe, and (perhaps this a very subtle joke) a page on the "Newage Man" that is "Under Construction." Gah.
But here's a clue, on a page about something the author calls "SOWRY harassment"
Neither will I provide a weekly amount of sex, or whatever I used to give.
.We're off to lose our dinner.


Sumanth said...

Do you support imprisonment of old and sick people without investigation (under section 498a of IPC) ?

Please answer yes or no.

Radical feminists in India, want the law to remain the way it is. If we explain them politely, those hedonists will not understand. Even police and Judiciary shouts that 90% of the cases are false. Even children and minors are getting arrested without investigation based on just one line of false complaint by an adulterous daughter-in-law for money.

It is not surprising, Media fellows are brainwashed with liberal extremism and hence they are extremely intolerant and conservative about their liberal views.

Please, answer the issues we are tackling. Do you support legal abuse of elders ? If no, then what can you do about it ?

It is easy to talk about Tsunami and Imrana because that is fashionable. Then, who will clean the unfashionable shit in the society ?

BTW, our conference at Constitution Club in New Delhi "498a- A Family Killer" was covered by DDNEWS and Total TV. The guests included Madhu Kishwar, hope you know who she is.

If you want to debate with us, join yahoogroup saveindianfamily.

As you do not have any answers for the issues we raise, you are frustrated. We have concern for your situation.

m. said...

oh wow. truthfully, im rather doesnt know whether to laugh or weep... there are mutts like that in the world?
puke city is a good title. im seriously feeling nauseous.

ps: nice blog. sorry... that shouldve come first. like i said. dazed...

Sumanth said...

We are winning:

Supreme Court calls the unscrupulous women "assassins":


Describing such misuse of law as “legal terrorism”, the court said no one could be allowed to unleash frivolous proceedings on this count as the provisions of Section 498A “is intended to be used as shield (a woman against harassment) not as an assassin’s weapon.”

The judgement also says:

“In such cases acquittal of the accused does not wipe out the ignominy suffered during and prior to trial. Sometimes adverse media coverage adds to the misery”. Merely because the provision was declared constitutional and intra vires, it did not give licence to unscrupulous persons to wreak personal vendetta or unleash harassment, the judges said.

sb_repr said...

Lets keep fighting for mens rights.
Gustice for everyone and not one sided wrong laws by feminazi organizations.

Lets save humanity from feminazi's.