Friday, 27 January 2006

Mumbai Pervert

That's what some erudite person searched for, and found this blog. And guess what? Thanks to a quote on our sidebar and one quote from an article that mentions the city that we still stubbornly call Bombay, we're the number one for the term.

Any pron sites want to buy ad space from us?


Sonia Faleiro said...

And so innapropriate. Never mind the post, you're no pervert.
(I think). :)

zigzackly said...

Whee! Character references!

david raphael israel said...

fame & infamy -- both available by search engine. Vaguely relatedly [?? -- no, this looks more like a case of duplicity than perversity], readers might note this visual joke.

John said...

I agree with Sonia!