Monday, 21 August 2006

English movies and soaps dangerous now?

Mysterious stuff happening with my cable operator.

We have several channels cut off: Star World, ZeeCafe, AXN, Star Movie, HBO, Zee (whatever their English movie channel is called) Cafe, Sony (whatever their English movie channel is called). I checked that my channels—the nature and news channels—were okay. Didn't really look around much, but all else seems okay.

A WTF call to the local cable chappie got the response "Government block."

Any clue, anyone?


Amit and Dina, via comments and email, tell me it's a High Court order being implemented.

Update 2:

While I was posting that bit, all the news channels have disappeared too. And so have (weirdness factor steaily rising) the nature channels. The History Channel's still up, though. You suppose that's the only channel that minors can watch?

Update 3:

Really, really, really, WTF!?!?!? The kiddie channels are off too! Except for Pogo. Music channels, ditto. ESPN's on.

Update 4:

Deep posted this note on the Bloggers' Collective newsgroup:
My cable channel's screen shows this:

Due to unprecedented raids on the cable operators for carrying
satellite movie and entertainment channels having Adult content, All
Maharashtra cable operators have shut down the channels till further
directions from high court. Kindly bear with us. CODA.


Dina Mehta said...

News on TV - CNN-IBN and 24/7 suggests its an HC order to stop showing U and U/A movies. Really stupid.

amit varma said...

More here.