Monday, 28 August 2006

It ain't an unconference unless there's a T-shirt. Un.

9th and 10th September, in Madras.

We're planning to be there. Meanwhile, we're helping out with the wiki, and generally pottering around being officious.

You can check this page to see who's going to be there, this one for a tentative break-up of the sessions, and this one to get a peek at what's going to be discussed. You can sign up on the unofficial updates newsgroup, the Flickr Group is free to join, and you can keep an eye out for BlogCamp tags on Technorati and YouTube. And watch this space fro details of a planned IRC channel, audio feed and video feed.

Meanhwhile, as with the lead up to any conference, un or otherwise, a Very Serious Matter is being debated. What should the T-shirt say?

These were our suggestions. Opinions appreciated. Suggestions welcome and will be passed on. (Insiders tells us that number 19 has been looked upon favourably.)

1. No whacky message. Put the BlogCamp logo on the front.

And if we must be funny..

2. Cogito, Ergo Blog.

3. Cogito sumere potum alterum

("I think I'll have another drink")

4. veni, vedi, blogi

5. Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum videtur

(Familiar? No? You haven't looked at our masthead for a while, hm?)

Right. Enough already with the Latin. Some take-offs on T-shirt cliches next.

6. Bloggers do it sitting down

7. My blog went to Chennai and all I got was this lousy T-shirt.

8. I [heart]

9. Be kind to dumb animals. Feed a blogger.

10. Bloggers are people too. Really.

11. What's your URL?

(or, for the geeky purists, "What's your URI?"

12. I will not blog during office hours. I will not blog during office
hours. I will not blog during office hours. I will not blog during
office hours. I will not blog during office hours. I will not blog
during office hours. I will not blog during office hours. I will not
blog during office hours. I will not blog during office hours.

(repeated as many times as necessary to fill the front of the shirt, in hand-written chalk-on-blackboard style)

13. My dog ate my blog.

14. It ain't heavy. It's my blog.

And some more arbit stuff.

15. I blog. So?

16. I'll blogroll you if you blogroll me.

17. Link-love. The purest emotion.

18. Warning: whatever you say may be written down and blogged against you.

19. I'm blogging this.

20. Waah! I'm gonna go tell my blog!

21. Will blog for money.

22. Pretty please, with sugar on it and bells on top, read my blog.

23. Blogger Pradesh

24. Blogorrhea

25. Blogolepsy

26. Neoblogisms: silly made up words that only bloggers laugh at.

27. I'm a Slogger. I blog on office time.


I'm blogging this is in the lead at the moment.

A new idea is to use a Hugh MacLeod cartoon. Permissions are being sought. We're a big fan, so quite happy to have our pristine prose rejected in favour of his kick-arse doodles. The problem is, of course, that the man's prolific. Which particular cartoon? Do you guys have any recommendations?


J. Alfred Prufrock said...

A minor modification ... "I'll blogroll your's if you'll blogroll mine".

Wish I could be there.


km said...

Blogger Pradesh actually sounds like a place I would like to visit.

Scribbler said...

How about a sketch of the heart (where it would be when one wears the t-shirt) and just say I to the left and blog to the right of it. so it will still read I (heart) blog... and even if someone misses the point, I blog also makes sense!

Sharanya Manivannan said...

Hilarious! I'd wear almost any of them. :)