Saturday, 12 August 2006

It's never to late for higher studies. (Or is it?)

This from a friend at the Limca Book of records.
I got a claim from someone who said he was the oldest person to get a tech degree so i asked him to send his details thinking he was 70+. But no, he got his degree at 35 and i keep telling him that that is NOT old by any stretch of imagination! He insists that no one can get admission to regular courses in universities if you are over the permitted age limit. I don't think that's true.

I have pointed out to him instances of people who have got Ph.Ds, Masters' degrees but he is not satsified.

That is the preamble. Could your networking find out if anyone has actually been admitted to regular courses (not distance education but on campus) when s/he was 30+?
Anything or anyone you know who could shed some light on this?


Shilpa said...

Yep, Zig - it was fairly common in the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi where i did my undergraduate studies from. There were a few PGs and PhD students with grey hair and wrinkles! But sadly I can't provide you with their names - don't remember now.

jane said...

well my brother, who joined the RAF at 16, finally took his 'O' levels at 30, his 'A' levels at 33, Bsc(Eng) at 37, and Msc(Aeronautics) at 39. He is currently working for his PH D and teaches Flight Technology. And a friend here in india joined the army as a matriculate, and took his BA, MA post retirement. He recently took his Doctorate in International Relations in USA at 62. The oldest degree holder is some little old lady who did a BA through open university and got her degree at the age of 82. So no, that is no record, in fact I'd say it was not unusual for anyone to do a degree course in their thirties. That's about the age at which it dawns on them that there will be few promotions without it!

jane said...

what bullshit. he's a bachcha! I have heard of people getting their degress at 70+, and it's not unusual for late starters to wake up to the fact that without a degree of some sort it's hard to get a decent job, usually around 35 or so. My brother joined the RAF at 16 without even 'O' levels, and started his higher education at 32; by the time he was through he had a PhD in Aeronautics. He's now 45. My friend joined the Army as a matriculate; last year, at 62, he completed a PhD in international relations. I believe some little old lady did a BA through Open University in UK, and she was over 80. The moral it's never too late to start, and people are still educating themselves late in life.

Himanshu Nautiyal said...

I am thinking of getting one (am 32 already)... now if the admission comes through, we'll have another example for you.

km said...

As far as I remember, the All India Council for Technical Education in India does not have an "across-the-board" maximum age for technical education. Some colleges have it, others don't.

IITs have an upper age limit (25) but not all RECs have it (I think.)

(AICTE's website is down. They should start looking for an older, more experienced webmaster.)


Anonymous said...

In the late 1990s, JNU had a 60 something man from Rajasthan in the School of Languages.

flygirl said...

i don't think there is a limit on entry age to undergraduate courses, and certainly not for postgraduate courses. but there tend to be more age limits for receiving scholarships. many won't accept applications from people over 25, international ones some times allow you to go up to 30 or 35.

zigzackly said...

Thanks all. The LBoR editor has the link to this post and will be tracking it. So more info is welcome.