Monday, 25 September 2006

Hutch ado about nothing

Local Hutch to Hutch calls at just 30p/min! Also get 100 minutes of local Hutch to Hutch calls FREE at just Rs30/month. To subscribe SMS 30Y to 6565 (toll free).
'Swot our service provider SMSed us the other day.

Erm, does that compute?

Like 100 minutes at Rs 30 works out to Rs 0.30 per minute, which is the rate being offered. So where's the FREE then, huh? Fact is, if you don't make 100 minutes worth of calls in a given month, you're actually paying more per minute than 30 paise a minute for the calls that you do make. Now, is it just us, or does that sound a tad slimey?

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Abhinav Goyal said...


Nice meeting you at BlogCamp. I am still catching up with my non-work related life from about 3 1/2 weeks go - so thought of dropping into your blog and posting a Hi! :)

BTW, over here in B'lore, we have Hutch giving 7777 free smses and a 1 year validity for 777 bucks so it turns out to be quite a decent deal. (No, I dont work with Hutch)