Monday 4 September 2006


As the Festival season kicks in, noise levels from loudspeakers is going to start getting bad. We thought we'd help this little initiative along. Sumaira is someone we've known for years, and we believe she's doing a good thing.
A PIL has been filed in the Bombay High Court by Vora regarding Noise Violations and was heard this morning. The judge has asked for instances of violations of Noise Rules to be produced in Court on the next date (scheduled for Monday).

This could be noise from any source including religious places, festival processions or stationary loudspeakers.

Helpful details would be:
• Location
• Timing of Noise
• Date(s)
• Possible Source / Cause of Noise
• How it bothers you (optional)
• Your contact details (optional)

Please email to sumairaabdulali[at]yahoo[dot]com with cc to info[at]karmayog[dot]com.

You can also complain by calling 100 or 103. There is no need to give your details -- even name and phone number but do get a Complaint number otherwise it means that you called them but your complaint was not recorded :-). We would be glad to have a copy of your letter or email to the Police recording such instances which could be produced as evidence in Court.
Please feel to copy-paste and pass on.

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