Saturday, 9 September 2006


Our essay in the Sarai Reader 06: Turbulence is out.

(Hit the link for the table of contents. All essays are avaiable as free PDFs, as per Sarai tradition, and the 608 page book can be purchased from Sarai at the modest price Rs 350, US$ 20 or € 20.

And while we procrastinate about posting our HTMLised version, the PDF is here.


Space Bar said...

very moving piece in the sarai reader. i've always wondered what the experience was like for you but never asked. glad you were pursuaded to write about it after all.

anantha said...

Lovely, moving account! I cannot even half comprehend how it would have been to live through those days knowing all that you guys did. I think a lot of us were in denial.
Btw, read this a couple of day ago via Neha.

zigzackly said...

SB, Anantha,

Thank you. Glad you liked.