Saturday, 3 March 2007

Photo Call

For all of yer who carry them new-fangled camera-phone thingies, here are a couple of interesting contests.

On National Geographic, Asia:
Windows Into Asia Awards 2007
Showcase your photography skills and win a National Geographic expedition to Mongolia at the Windows Into Asia Awards 2007!

Thats not all; you can start your own collection of photographs with one of the 7 sets of the coveted Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot phones to give away! Click here for prize details.

Simply fill in your details in the form below and submit it together with a picture taken with your camera phone. The photo submitted should reflect the theme of Windows Into Asia as follows:

Capturing diverse cultures, lives, activities in the EAST, anytime anywhere.

Its not just about capturing landscapes, sceneries and beautiful colours, but to see the world in a different perspective, with an inspiring and fresh angle

Submitted entries will be judged by a panel of experts from National Geographic Channel, based on creative interpretation, capacity to innovate originality, artistic execution and adept use of the camera phones technical abilities.

So whip out your camera phone and start capturing Asia with a novel angle!

*This contest is open only to residents and permanent residents (who are 18 years or older as of 1 January 2007) of India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand.
and on the BBC:
We want to see South Asia through your eyes - or to be more exact, through the lens of your mobile phone camera.

The theme is "My Changing World".

Just send in your best mobile photos to the first ever Mobile Phone Photo Contest for South Asia - from - and you could win exciting prizes.

Every week, we will feature some of the best and most interesting picture entries.

And there will be prizes for what we judge as the best photos:

* 1st prize: Ipod video

* 2nd prize: Digital camera

* Worldspace satellite radio

In addition, there will be a chance to win BBC prizes each week.

The contest closes on 31 March 2007.

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