Friday, 6 August 2004

Highway Bloggery

Friends, advertising people and activists - especially all you technophobes - here's an absolutely wonderful concept i'd like to point you towards. It will get you a much larger audience than, for example, this blog would. But then, so would the sound of one hand clapping. Anyway, "Apart from actual prisoners, you won't find a more captive audience than people in their cars," the site says, and goes on to explain: "Here's what you do: 1) Put paint on cardboard 2) Put cardboard on freeway 3) Repeat"
Now hie thee to and check out the wonderful examples they have up there. And if you're considering doing a little lo-tech blogging yourself, do check out their "How To" page.
[P.S. Where are our manners? Thanks for the link, Roma.]

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