Saturday, 7 August 2004

History lessons

A litte while ago, we posted on some fascinating new developments in the field of comics, made possible by technology. And that got us thinking about the past. A little digging and Googling later, we found this, which we present for your consideration and enjoyment: The History of the Cartoon according the ghost of the late lamented Punch.
After we mailed that out, a friend (thanks Swapna) sent us back a link to this scholarly look at the history of Caricature, which goes much further back than the Punch piece. Most interesting to us was to see that things that we thought were relatively modern cartooning innovations date back quite a bit. Like The Shadow Knows, which Mad used to run, and Axe ripped off for its commercials, and a face morphing into something else, like a vegetable, which, we're sure, you've seen often, most recently in the TOI's election coverage.

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