Friday, 28 October 2005

And now for the audio-visual round

Pal and colleague, J Krishnamurthi (a.k.a. JK a.k.a. Jakes), quizzer, quizmaster, techie and atrocious pun perpetrator has succumbed to the siren song of the blogosphere and set up not one but two blogs.

In Quizerati, he and his pals from Quizness will discourse knowledgeably on:
A. Quizzes
B. Quizzers
C. Malika Sherawat
D. All of the Above.

And on Musings of the completely jobless, he will talk about (going by current evidence):
A. Mallika Sherawat
B. Mallika Sherawat
C. Mallika Sherawat
D. Mallika Sherawat

Right. Do you need a lifeline?

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