Thursday, 27 October 2005

More on IIPM v/s the blogs

In India, you might think that if you buy enough newspaper ads, those same newspapers won't bother to check the claims you make in those ads. The papers wouldn't want to lose ad money, right? But that old equation is changing, thanks to one scrappy youth magazine called JAM and the collective investigative strength of the Indian blogosphere.
Read the rest of Mark Glaser's piece on the IIPM's tiff with the blog world here, on Online Journalism Review. Glaser also wrote about the mediaah! affair in March, and OJR's Shefali Srinivas reported the Citizen Journalist response to the December earthquake and tsunami.

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Anonymous said...

Its clear that only confirmed morons have joined IIPM in the past and there will be many confirmed morons who will join IIPM in the future. No amount of blogging can save any moron from joining IIPM. So IIPM management have actually proved that (a) they are morons when they sued and protested. (b) they don’t know that they are morons and need bloggers to tell them that. (c) they don’t know that their students are morons and need bloggers to tell them that.