Friday, 7 October 2005

Sue 'em

Via a Karmayog newsletter:

The condition of Mumbai roads is pitiable and the authorities responsible for maintaining good roads i.e. BMC, PWD, MMRDA, MHADA, Dairy Development Dept., Mumbai Port Trust & Ors. have failed to provide good roads, despite spending crores of rupees of tax-payers' monies. Citizen is a helpless victim of the bad roads and the infants, elderly, infirm and pregnant ladies continue to bear the brunt of bad roads.

I am pursuing a Suo Motu Writ Petition no. 3 of 2005 in the High Court at Mumbai before the Hon'ble Chief Justice.

During the last hearing on 26th Sept., BMC's Counsel Mr. K. K. Singhvi contended that except few roads, which are damaged by unprecedented rains this year, everything else is fine !

Mr. Singhvi also contended that the reports in the Media are all exaggerated! Of course, when I contended that are the photographs also exaggerated, Mr. Singhvi had no answer !

BMC & other authorities responsible for the roads have the tax-payers monies at their disposal to engage Senior Counsel/s while I am doing this at my own costs, time & efforts; an unequal fight.

Court has now directed us to submit specific examples of bad roads i.e. name & address of portion of the road which is bad, the nature of defect i.e. sunken/cracked/pot holes or any other defects, etc.

We therefore seek cooperation of the Citizens of Greater Mumbai to inform us, details of such roads with exact location & nature of defect, either on email or by letter, at the following address:

Kewal Semlani,
Postbox 11688, Nariman Point, Mumbai 400021

This PIL is for your good and if you do not act now, you will continue to suffer from bad roads, year after year. Naturally, this will also result in the tax-payers hard earned monies being wasted.


Kewal Semlani


david raphael israel said...

"Are the photos also zigaggerated?" --

"What's the zexplaination?"

I finally figured out what's meant by "zigzackly"!

(& hence feel much zeelation)

(took me way too long to
make heads or tales of your moniker)

cheers, d.i.

rayani bloggers said...

Will Mumbai’s battered roads lead to Shanghai?

BY A SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT | Wednesday, August 16, 2006 10:35:37 IST
As civic authorities cock a snook despite court’s rap, WIAA files PIL against state, BMC

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for :

Yet again, Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) is at the receiving end. Once more, it’s the pathetic condition of roads in the city. Despite having invited the wrath of the High Court (HC) over this issue, the civic authorities do not seem to be taking the matter seriously, something which has invited one more Public Interest Litigation (PIL).

An ombudsman should be formed before the next monsoon,to co=ordinate and control the 16 agencies who build maintain dig blame and pass the buck in the annual monsoon cricket.