Thursday, 27 October 2005

back to the future

Have you noticed this?

All the young 'uns carry haversacks these days.

And all of them wear the straps extended to their maximum, so that the bag hangs really low, butt level or thereabouts.

(Decidedly unergonomic, and also bad for their backs, except bags are never packed full - about three slim books and pencil box or whatever it is they carry in them seems to be the load.)

So is this Generation Zed's version of this blog's contemporaries' expression of our individuality: every one of us wearing our caps backwards, never mind about the sun in our eyes?


Anonymous said...

So some one else noticed it too. yup. I first saw this a couple of months ago and I was wondering what the hell it was all about...maybe it goes well with the fact that they wear their jeans barely above the level of their crotch or something...

√úbermaniam said...

:-) at both zig and anon. I feel your pain. Cheers.