Wednesday, 26 April 2006

Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V

The Kaavya Viswanathan thingy, which we just posted about at Kitabkhana reminded us that thanks to a combination of a bit of flu, a still-aching butt and a persistent lower back hassle (ooer, we're getting old, we are) we forgot to post about Shilpa Bhtanagar's plaint.

Y'see, the lass has been plagiarised (do read her updates on the matter), and when she fought back, the plagiarist threatened to sue, believe it or not.

Anyway, everyone seems to have posted about this, so we won't shove in our tuppence, except to point you to Shilpa's new post on the matter.


david raphael israel said...

The story grows more complex -- at least if there's anything credible in the curious Sherlock Holmes direction sketched by Rachel Pine's speculative item, Is Kaavya Viswanathan An Innocent Bystander?

david raphael israel said...

Also -- of related interest: The Morning News has launched a plagiarism contest. This involves the composition of a thoroughly plagiarized assemblage, as a literary form per se. The most creative plagiarist wins, evidnetly.