Monday, 10 April 2006

Once more we guide you elsewhere

More good writing we should have linked to ages ago:

Samanth Subramanian's fine A writer and his web-blahg, which features some well-written essays, reviews, and his published writing. You could start with his latest piece on blogs, wikis and the web as a kind of commons.

~River~'s river's blue elephants, which features regular doses of lovely poetry and stunning art.


Marginalien said...

I found the following item gmailing and thought it was right up your blogstreet:,70631-0.html?tw=rss.index

Not that I especially rejoice at the mainlinization of the blogosphere. I LIKE belonging to a quiet backwater of virtuality and fear the attention that breeds contempt and (inevitably) restrictions.

Meanwhile, my word for verification today is UNQOHHZ. What could it mean, I wonder? Ignoring for the moment the sadly u-less q I believe it might be an adjective, defining a type of silence in which the only sound is that of a snore. A sentence demonstrating its use: "An unqohhz silence descended upon the desert campsite as the tired travellers slept." Pron: UN-kwoze

Joyce said...

just for that, i'm going to check out marginalien's blog. sigh. look what you people have done to a housewife who's supposed to be looking after her little son and doing some cleaning up of the house and pursuing creative interests when she has the time. you've turned her into a BLOG addict!!! shame on you!!! This is the very reason we didn't buy a television! i was thinking how i happened upon these blogs in the first place. I was looking for information on Arundhati Roy and found it on kitabhkhana. I didn't even know it was a blog at the time. but i found all these cool links - which turned out be blogs of people who, unfortunately, write well.
I'll be revenged on the pack of you! (This is where one thinks of wasting other people's time with one's blog - but alas, where is the time to maintain one?) I shall write loooooong comments when i have the time. So there! Peter Griffin, you were the first. so you are the first victim of long comment revenge.
p.s. MY word verification is hefzcf. make what you want of it.
p.p.s. I was in bombay with the hubby and kid for a week. too lazy to drop a line then! see ya!

Marginalien said...

Hmmm. HEFZCF? I would pronounce that: HEFF Z' C'FF which translates (of course!) to HALF THE CUFF, spoken with a French accent.

This is a term which means "off the cuff" but since only a half-cuff is involved, it is only mildly off-cuffy. So: the sort of remark that is partially rehearsed, made by someone who is either French or pretending to be.

Meanwhile, MY word for verification today is NPQKSFX -- but I am all tired out from defining Joyce's word (*glowering at Joyce*) so I will leave this important task to whoever wishes to take up the challenge.

joyce said...

i am stealing time from my housekeeping in order to spend it on you shameless peddlars of blogs. ye who roam the dark alleys of cyber-city in wait of weak, addicted customers ready for a hit. tempting them with wickedly crafted words that send them on flights of fancy. Yuck, what over-indulgence of prose.
NPQKSFX, is it? That’s an abbreviation for nip-quick-s-f-x. The term is too long to be used where it is normally found: a popular sound effects catalogue used by people from radio, film, and certain other media. The Catalogue of Sounds Heard and Almost Unheard in Cage No. 4 of Delhi Zoo is the bestselling book in its category. The title of the catalogue was initially thought to be too long, so now it is simply TCSHAUCN4DZ. Available in all leading bookstores if you’re dyslexic.
Under ‘N’ of the alphabetically arranged items, you will find NPQKSFX, which is described as Nip Quick: (pr. nip-kwik) a sound emitted when official of Delhi zoo tries to place food in racoon cage and doesn’t escape fast enough. It is an almost silent sound, but one can make out the slight tearing of cloth on a superior set of speakers.
The following word in the catalogue, which is under ‘O’ is OUCHSFX.
trying too hard?
Peter's probably yelling "GETCHYEROWNBLOG!!!"

p.s. zdcvod
p.p.s. mvyofnh
p.p.p.s. twice???