Friday, 21 April 2006

"Don't GO Hindi" Petition

Pranay Srinivasan mails in a link to this petition:
We are a bunch of very keen, regular listeners to your Radio Station, in particular the English music. Over a period of time we have been listening to programs like “The Nightshift”, “The Midnight Shift”, “Big Brunch”, “90s on 925”, “GMM” and “College Radio”.

Each of these programs caters to a different section of English music lovers and most of us actually listen to all of the above. Therefore, it has come as a total surprise, or rather shock that your Station has chosen to GO Hindi leaving all your loyal listeners stranded. We believe that this could probably be because there are other Cities involved which may have a large following of Hindi music lovers but Mumbai, we think is a City apart. It has a total cosmopolitan feel and has a huge following of English music lovers. So in the general interest of the English music lovers we have chosen to write this letter to you.
Read – and, if you feel strongly enough about it, sign – the "Don't GO Hindi" Petition addressed to the folks at Go 92.5 FM. We're happy enough with our 40gb+ library of mp3s.

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Bombay Addict said...

Thanks for linking this. I've already linked it on my blog.

I'm hoping those Go original-version fans without 40GB libraries (like, say, car stereos and mobile phones? both being popular devices to hear FM) will sign on. Altho I also doubt anything will come of this. Yet - at least our voices are out there.