Monday, 10 April 2006

We're off..

..on our first-ever junket! We're feeling very important. It's so nice having tickets delivered, PR people call us to arrange pick-ups and all that. Almost makes up for having the trip postponed twice and then having to leave home at 4 ack emma.

We're a bit fuzzy on the details, but we think we're going to be resting our tired bones here for the next few days, sleeping in something like this, eating at one of these, unwinding, perhaps, here.

And then we'll have to write about it. Ah well. Tough job, but someone's gotta do it.


Batul said...

Lucky you

david raphael israel said...

So, um, what's the story here? I mean, what occasions the excursion? (Is there a concept one should glean that I'm not gleaning?) It's unclear if you're, like, a celebrity blogger publicizing lovely & lavish vacation spots? or perhaps something quite different than that is afoot . . . Perhaps this has something to do with a writing gig in some way; perhaps you'll explain it further along . . .

confused in the blogosphere,