Saturday, 3 March 2007

So where do you go to get a little nookie, then?

(We have removed the names of the project creators at their request, since the project is now disbanded, but are leaving the post as it is because it was an interesting idea.)
No kissing in public. No privacy at home. So where to go?

Where do lovers make out in Mumbai if they cannot retreat into a private space? And where is the sex happening? At home, there is often a lack of privacy. At work, lovers may be forced into hiding and can flirt only on MSN Messenger. And in public, they run into voyeurs, disapproving aunties and uncles, and even worse, harassment by the police.

But love faces up to these challenges. Lovers are seen frequenting parks, beachfronts, cinema halls, coffee shops – spaces they have to share with everyone else. They often ignore the intrusive gaze of the public and create transient intimate zones for themselves. Many snuggle behind beach rocks and tetrapods, others rent inexpensive motel rooms, still others borrow daddy's car for the night.

Are you and your lover distressed by such situations? Or do you enjoy the hide-n-seek game? Whatever your view, we want to hear you. We, [name removed] and [name removed], are working on an independent photo and text project that asks: How do lovers find intimacy in our beloved but crowded mega-polis? What problems do they face? Where do they escape to? What are the best places? What are the worst places? How hard do they try? What excuses do they make up at home? Do their families really believe these excuses? How often do they meet?

We are interested in your stories and your valiant efforts to find privacy in our sometimes love-unfriendly city. And we would love for you to take us to your favourite make out spots. Don't worry, we can keep secrets.

So please don't hesitate to tell us, and forward this mail to your friends!

We can be contacted at:
[removed at the project creators' request]

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