Saturday, 10 March 2007

Ten top tens

We just posted about a book that brought together top ten lists by authors (over at Kitabkhana), when we stumbled on ten more lovely lists at C-Net. (Yeah, it's an old set of links. We just found 'em. Sue us.)

But first, the top ten 1995 tech.

Right then. Here ya go. The Top Ten..
1. News
2. Downloads (: We have all of these, except Napster, which we deleted at some point :)
3. Tech we miss
4. Web fads (Number 4, check. And, erm, Number 8 too.)
5. Buzzwords ("Eyeballs" anyone? 'Ow about "Y2K?")
6. Biggest dot-com flops (If you came of age in the last five years or so, you probably haven't heard of most of these. Figures.)
7. Sexiest gadgets (Sigh, we own just one of these.)
8. Video games (Yay Quake!)
9. Products
10. Worst products

Oh, and while you're there, check out the super-cool dream gadgets page. And take the 10-year IQ test. Hmm. Actually, take the test first. If you ace it, you won't need the other links.

1 comment:

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

Guesswork, mostly. mp3 tech is high enough for me.