Sunday, 4 March 2007

Yeh hum nahin

Via Publia, fellow blogger at WWH and all its ancestors, and Awab Alwi (a.k.a. the Teeth Maestro), who we first encountered around the time of the blog block thingy, this video:

Download the song (mp3), visit the site in English or in Urdu.

For the record, we think the video has poor production values, and is a little too dizziness-inducing in its angles and pans. But we forgive all that in the bigger cause. There is, however, another area of discomfort that we haven't quite been able to put into words yet. Will try and do so if time permits and the inclination persists. Five bonus points and a cup of coffee when we next meet if you can figure out what's bugging us. But we're posting this anyway. Because, we think, the message—even in this form—is important, and deserves to reach as many eyes, ears and hearts as it can.

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