Tuesday, 27 June 2006

and now, the Vastu Shui school of web design

Once more, with a straight face, and no comment:
"Just as the world comprises of the five basic elements, each Web site has five elements and these need to be in balance with one another," says Dr. Smita Narang, author of Web Vaastu, a new book that marries vaastu laws with the Internet.

The book has proved popular with businesses.

"Earth is the layout, fire is the colour, air is the HTML, space is name of the Web site, and water is the font and graphics," says Narang, adding that each must be chosen carefully and strike a balance with the other.
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[via an email from Hanisha]

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jedi said...

:)) we web usability people have more competition i see! from fire and earth and wind! woo hoo