Saturday, 24 June 2006

In which the word "PHAT" appears on this blog for the first time

FYI, with a straight face, and absolutely no comment:
Pretty, Hot and Tempting (PHAT) Chicks is all set to be the world's first interactive, multi-media enabled chatisode. Think of it like Sex & the City on the Web.

I am searching for 3 insanely bright, irreverent, high-on-attitude female writers to be a part of this hugely ambitious project. This is a full-time job based out of our swank office in Gurgaon. If interested, do send me your responses with a 100 word note on your thoughts regarding PHAT Chicks.

By the way, they are not just Pretty, Hot and Tempting...:)
If you find this interesting, mail sanjay[dot]trehan[at]indiatimes[dot]co[dot]in.

1 comment:

Angelo Embuldeniya (Strav) said...

Are you folks looking just inside India.. or is this open to femme fatales in other countries as well?