Wednesday, 14 June 2006

Neologisms (nope, not blog-related)

These came out of typos on Caferati ages ago. Spot of wickedness we had, where we "defined" words that were spelled wrong.

Transrelate = To put into perspective for those who just don't get it.

Polygoat = Someone who can butt into conversations in several different languages.

Diaspuri = allegedly desi food available abroad that is not quite the real thing.

If we remember right, someone else came up with "polygloat." Don't remember the definition but here's ours:

Polygloat = someone who is very snooty and superior about being able to speak several languages.

Add more?

p.s. Check out the worthy Word Mint, where a team of dedicated neologists (if that's not a word, now it is) churn 'em out on a daily basis. Our Mousetrap review here or here.

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Dusty said...

Bothers in arms = News items about brothers, ex business partners, who have split, which are a bother to read (Well a leading newspaper had a typo where Anil-Mukesh were described as bothers in arms!)