Sunday, 18 June 2006

Fishy smells

Pratik is pretty pissed off with this Washington Post piece by Marc Fisher, a reproduction of an interview he gave to Stuttgarter Nachrichten and other German papers.

We read the piece, and we find it difficult to understand how Fisher, who seems a reasonable and intelligent person going by his other writing, could put such utterly uninformed bilge up. It's so much a caricature of the Ugly American stereotype, has so many gaping holes and plain knuckle-headed bias in it that we assumed it was a joke, but since no Gotcha post from him follows (his post is dated June 12th), we are forced to assume he meant it.

Read Pratik's fisk, and for even more ire, the comments on Raw Fisher (300+ and counting).

We must hasten to inform you, by the way, that we are not football crazy, though, like Chance the Gardener, we like to watch.

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