Sunday, 20 June 2004

All the world's a stage, and all the poets are getting their work read by actors.

A friend who who attended the reading that launched Dom Moraes's Typed With One Finger told me that the evening was spoiled for her because Dom didn't read them himself; she thought the actor who took the microphone, rich baritione and all, was no substitute for Dom. Perhaps the poet was too ill by then to do the reading, but i take her point: his "rich soft, plum-cake tones," "pure and strong, the words perfectly articulated, not a single misstep or hesitation," were a trademark of the man. [Both links via Kitabkhana. RIP, Dom. And cheers.]
Christina Patterson at The Independent had
an experience that was, by all accounts, much worse. A Poetry Performance Company. "One by one, they massacre them, these poems I love." Enjoy. [via Arts & Letters Daily.]

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