Monday, 21 June 2004

Stop the presses.

Mass marketing no longer works, said Larry Light, McDonald's chief marketing officer. "Brand journalism" apparently, is "the end of brand positioning as we know it."
More from the AdAge article:
He went on to say that effective marketing should use many stories rather than employing one message to reach everyone. In effect, he declared that McDonald's was abandoning the universal message concept. ... "Any single ad, commercial or promotion is not a summary of our strategy. It's not representative of the brand message," he said. "We don't need one big execution of a big idea. We need one big idea that can be used in a multidimensional, multilayered and multifaceted way." He went on to define brand journalism, which he also referred to as a brand narrative or brand chronicle, as a way to record "what happens to a brand in the world," and create ad communications that, over time, can tell a whole story of a brand.
Now someone go break the news to P&G and Levers. [via Seth's Blog. And go read his comments here.]

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