Tuesday, 1 June 2004

That warm feeling...

"When we adopted the description 'Business Literature', we wanted to send the message that this was not just about writing for the daily press, writing for the weekly magazines.
The use of the word literature was intended to send the message that this is about writing a book."
"Writing books of this sort is a little a bit like springing a leak in a dark suit – that you get a warm feeling but not a lot of people notice."
I did not make any of these up (though I wish I had). These are actual quotes from an actual report on The Blake Dawson Waldron Business Literature award. I like the bit about "the use of the word literature" (in what, his PowerPoint presentation?) almost as much as I like the simile about "springing a leak in a dark suit", which ignores the minor fact that there are some warm feelings you just don't want to experience unless you're kinky about diapers.

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