Sunday, 20 June 2004

Paying the Bill

The Guardian on Clintonmania: "Clinton speaks at a booksellers' convention about My Life - queues form eight hours before he takes the stage! My Life tops Amazon's bestseller charts weeks before publication! My Life publishers increase print run from one million copies to 1.5 million! My Life audio book set to outsell Harry Potter!"
And there's also a prediction:
"Sunday 20 CBS's 60 Minutes devotes its entire programme to an interview with Clinton.
Monday 21 The Guardian and Time publish first print interviews in UK and US.
Tuesday 22 1.5 million copies of My Life go on sale as Clinton appears on Oprah and Panorama.
Wednesday 23 Clinton brings NYC centre to a standstill with a signing at Borders.
Thursday 24 Clinton revisits his glory days with a 'town hall' meeting, to be broadcast on every Viacom radio station as well as on AOL.
Friday 25 - Wednesday 7 July Clintonmania sweeps the US, as his book tour visits cities."

Meanwhile, there are leaked chapters out, as well as this scathing review by Michiko Kakutani in NYT[*]: 'As his celebrated 1993 speech in Memphis to the Church of God in Christ demonstrated ... Clinton is capable of soaring eloquence and visionary thinking. But as those who heard his deadening speech ... at the 1988 Democratic National Convention in Atlanta well know, he is also capable of numbing, self-conscious garrulity. Unfortunately for the reader, Mr. Clinton's much awaited new autobiography "My Life" more closely resembles the Atlanta speech.'

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