Sunday, 20 June 2004

If, like us, you cruise a lot of blogs and news sites, and, like us until very recently, you did it via a dial up modem, you spend a lot more time on the web than you think you should.
Well, besides treating yourself to a nice fat-pipe connection, you might want to get yourself an RSS reader, "programs [which] are hybrids of a Web browser and an e-mail client, allowing Web users to peruse hundreds of information sources in one place. Instead of surfing dozens of sites for the latest news or blog postings, aggregators let people read headlines from those sources in one window." Wired News reviews four leading readers to get a sense of which tools are the best for keeping an eye on breaking developments on the Web. This blogger swears by Bloglines, by the way. And if you're wondering, yes, Zigzackly can be read offa one o' dem thangs. See the "Site Feed" link on the left, under the Creative Commons license. Or copy this link to your RSS reader:

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