Wednesday, 16 June 2004

Just catching up with some stories from Wired.

Remember the Moog? Well, it turned 40 a little while ago, and Noah Schatman was at one of the birthday parties. "Molitz trilled a slinky solo so deep in the pocket of the groove that audience members had to dig into their pants to get it out. Then he climbed into the higher register, uncorking a series of extraterrestrial tones that could only be described as R2D2's acid trip. As the horn players blared the fanfare's final notes, Molitz' Moog bleeps increased to heart-attack rate. The audience hooted. And something old had suddenly been reborn"

Information Overload.How the experts unwind.

And after that, they're gonna work on flies, roaches and Britney Spears.
This one's for The Babu, who has a couple of bouts of malaria every year. The UN is experimenting with using nuclear radiation to eradicate the malaria-transmitting mosquitoes.

Offer Documents we'd like to see
Joanna Glasner raves about Google's SEC filing.

And did you know that NASA's lunar colony plans date back to '69?

Oh yes. You can pick up some nasty infections on the net. So it doesn't matter if you're on the AIDS pill. And you can't blame condom fatigue.

And lastly, there's a theory that the HIV virus crossed over to humans via the polio vaccine.

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