Sunday, 15 January 2006


If you comment here, you'll notice we have turned on comment moderation. Just to tell you that we haven't got too big for our britches and all fancy-like, and the chicas aren't beating down our door with proposals decent or otherwise.

It's just that someone seems to have figured out how to get past the Blogger word verification / captcha thingy. Got a bunch of identical spam comments on some old posts.

We will try turning it off later, and hope that it's gone away.

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Marginalien said...

I've been too lazy to turn on comment moderation. As a result, I did initially get flurries of spam-coms -- and then, after a while, they tailed off. I have NOT bothered to check through the archives to find the weeds and pluck 'em out, however, so no doubt they're dangling in their with their mindless little offers.

Now a new series of spammers seems to have generated itself. I am continuing to ignore 'em. May they die of terminal carpal tunnel syndrome.