Saturday, 7 January 2006

The IndiBloggies..

..are on.

Go here to see who's been nominated.

And here to register to vote.

We haven't seen all the blogs that are on the list, but we'll happily recommend these for you attention:
IndiBlog of the year
A walk in the clouds.. - Megha's unique brand of madness
Death Ends Fun - Dilip's take on life and the world
India Uncut - Amit's great mix of links and opinion
Indianwriting - Uma's writing, causes and links
Random Thoughts Of A Demented Mind - the Great Bong's reliably funny blog (even when he gets earnest
The South-East Asia Earthquake and Tsunami Blog - our precious
Best Humanities IndiBlog
Jabberwock - Go Jai!
Best Sports IndiBlog
Online Chess Blog - not that we luhrve chess or read this blog, but we approve of anything that isn't all cricket
Sight Screen - because we take off our hats to the way Prem and his gang have used blogs in brand new ways
Best IndiBlog directory/service/clique, a category we're conflicted about, because we disapprove, on principle, of blogs that draw geographic boundaries. But then, we shouldn't be doing this post.
DesiPundit - we likes the mix, though we thinks it could get better
IndiBloggers - great effort
Best Designed IndiBlog
A walk in the clouds.. - no, not bias; go see the others yourself
Best Group Blog
The South-East Asia Earthquake and TsunamiBlog - well.

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Jabberwock said...

Ouch. Don't do this to me Zigalig! Until yesterday I had convinced myself that I was oh-so-distanced from this whole awards business. Then I got up this morning and found myself practising my gracious-loser and humble-winner expressions. Both at the same time. Turns out I don't have such a variety of expressions...