Monday, 9 January 2006

To graduates in Bombay

This via email from journalist Dionne Bunsha, who you can contact at (For the record, we don't know Mr Narkar. One of the reasons we're posting this here is because the bit about the graduate constituency is something we didn't know, and while we are admittedly abysmally ignorant, the fact may somehow have missed the erudite readers of this blog. All two of you.)

Dear Friends,

I am writing to ask for your help in getting a truly deserving candidate voted to Maharashtra's legislative council.

Prabhakar Narkar is a friend of mine. He is a well-respected journalist of 18 years experience. He was with Maharashtra Times, the state's most influential newspaper for 16 years. Narkar has written several exposes on corruption in co-operatives, banks, dairies and his stories have resulted in the arrest of over 40 people, including some influential ministers and MLAs. He has also written alot about Mumbai's labour issues, land scams, social issues.

Recently, Narkar decided to quit journalism because he felt he should be doing something concrete rather than just criticising the system. He feels that the reason our system is so corrupt is because people feel politics is too dirty to get involved in. So the space lies vacant and is filled by people we criticise.

Narkar now plans to stand for election to the legislative council of Maharashtra from the graduate constituency of Mumbai. Only graduates can vote for this seat. And they have to register to vote before-hand.
I'm writing to request you to please register to vote. All we need is:
1. a form to be filled (which you can collect from me)
2. a xerox copy of your graduate certificate (from anywhere)
3. a xerox copy of your proof of residence in Mumbai. (passport, driving licence, ration card, recent electric bill etc)

We need to submit this by Jan 10th.
The election will be held in June 2006 and you can vote in a centre in your own neighbourhood.

Please help enrol as many graduates to vote, and support an honest and sincere candidate in politics.

you can call me 98203-01643 or Narkar 98205-07342 for further details and the form.
please spread the word and get other friends and people involved.

thanks and best wishes,



J. Alfred Prufrock said...

What in blazes is a 'graduate constituency'? And canvassing on blogs must be a first.


Aparna Pai said...

Commenting after too many months, cos I did Enroll myself for the graduates Constituency but my application was rejected. COuld some one throw light on the eligibility?