Thursday, 20 July 2006

Gifts from Pakistan

Please see:

InBlogs, a creation by Yasir Memon and Naveed Memon, which will provide the same service to Indian blog readers as pkblogs was doing so stoutly these past few days.

And also:

The Grease Monkey script by Mansoor, designed for Firefox users.

In this email to the Bloggers Collective from which I learned of these goodies, Dr. Awab Alvi, Pakistani blogging community stalwart, says
We seriously thought it was because of a thick and stubborn headed Pakistani
government that resulted in such a stupid move but seeing the Indian
Government react similarly it seems all governments are the same when they
want to implement decisions always without due thought and consideration.

Reading a few emails in this group just recently it seems the Indian
government might actually come to its senses and finally lift this blockade
surely a big relief to the world, but until then we would like to present
the Indian Blogging community with yet another tool to be used on their
websites which converts all Blogspot links into a URL utilizing the proxy
servers of
This tool can be downloaded from the the Don’t Block the Blog website, and is credited to Adnan Siddiqui

The good doctor (his specialisation is dentistry, by the way - never thought we'd say nce things about a dentist) goes on to say
We share all these as a gift to build better friends across the border and hope to shed the image of hatred and violence and give way to a peaceful co-existence between to lovely nations.
Doctor Saahab, shukriya.


amitabha said...

Thanks, again.

amitabha said...

Thanks to Docor sahib on behalf of all Indians.
I am sad as I have lost my entertainment (of visiting various blogs via proxy servers). I am able to reach various blogs straight way. I will not say, "Hurray, the ban has been lifted!"