Thursday, 20 July 2006


It's pretty awesome that a small (357 as of this writing) rag-tag group of vociferously disagreeing, rude, loud, opiniated, individualistic soap box orators can get the monolothic powers that be to (or at least their scapegoat) to back down and be sensible.

Whew. Too long, that sentence, especially after the last ten days or so of manic activity around the Mumbai Help blog and wiki, the Bloggers Collective and the Bloggers Against Censorship wikia. Will come back and write more about this, we will (be still your beating heart), unless, of course, someone pays us to do so first. Which reminds us. We have shitloads of deadlines to meet, and all of those people know this URL.

So you go read them links. Especially the BC archives. Much fun. We shall go back to the salt mines.