Tuesday, 18 July 2006

Extra, extra! Indian Industry's feelings have been hurt!

Just found this while looking for something else
..trade chamber Assocham issued a strong statement saying the movie, directed by Madhur Bhandarkar, shows Corporate India in bad taste by portraying industrial houses as 'ruthless and heartless', other industry bodies like CII and Ficci chose to keep mum and distance themselves from the issue.

'It's merely a work of art, and nothing more should be read into it,' a Ficci official said.
The movie in question is Corporate, and no, we haven't seen it, so we have no idea if it is, as the FICCI official claims, a work of art.

Flash! Mr Bhandarkar and his producers should use this in their publicity: "a work of art - FICCI"


david raphael israel said...

presto! you've converted a dismissal into a superlative!

Marginalien said...

Ahoy! This is offtopic, sure, but I'm just so buzzed to be back in the blogiverse that I just hadta make a comment!


Space Bar said...

heh! corporate is so incredibly bad, someone SHOULD use 'a work of art' in their publicity blurb! it is their clear duty to do so.

amitabha said...

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