Thursday, 6 July 2006

I [heartate] blogs

Take the Weblog Author Personality Quiz. [Caveat: it's one of those bad-mannered quizzes that doesn't cough up results till you fill up all the answers. And it's 20 questions long, each one with 16 answers to choose from.] [Caveat to the caveat: the 16 alternatives are mostly funny and worth the read even if you don't take the quiz.]

And read this. It's a potty-mouthed rant, with bad grammar and too little humour to make it amusing, but it makes some good points. It dates back to 2002 so apologies if you've seen this before.

Added later: We really wish that the writer had made his points in a less vituperative manner. Because many of them are really good ones.

Of course he makes statements like " has become very clear that only people who are insulted by this essay are the ones who see themselves as falling into the categories I describe above as negative. People who match these criteria tend to send me emails with random insults.."

Our problem is not that we mind being insulted. It's just that we vastly prefer that it be done in lucid, and in a perfect world, elegant prose. Or poetry for that matter. Bad language for its own sake ceased to be funny in the 9th standard. Well, okay, a little later. We were a late-blooming idiot.

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