Tuesday, 11 July 2006

Not rocket science

Awright. So two rockets deep-sixed over the last couple of days. Never mind. We'll still put one on the moon. And Rediff's got a contest going to figure out what you think Chandrayaan will look like.
What do you think Chandrayaan-1 will look like? What should it look like? What kind of special design does it need?

rediff.com invites all budding space scientists out there to enter this rediff contest and design a spacecraft for this lunar mission.

Sketch your design of the spacecraft's exterior and interior. Scan and e-mail them to us by July 25, 2006, 0900 hours IST.

We will send the 20 best, most realistic and most practical designs to Dr G Madhavan Nair, Chairman, ISRO, who will choose the top five entries.

Five winning designs will win special Rediff Shopping vouchers worth Rs 10,000 each.

The five winning designs and the other shortlisted entries will be published on rediff.com

So hit the drawing board folks!

E-mail your designs to mymooncraft@rediffmail.com

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Bombay Addict said...

Peter - thanks for your tireless effort at Mumbai Help. Brilliant work overall and well done !