Friday, 9 July 2004

Bloggers, and blog readers, are Smart Mobs too, right?

"I make a little money writing, and most of what pays my bills comes from speaking engagements. Sometimes, I do keynotes or panels, and sometimes organizations bring me in to brainstorm with them about smartmobby stuff in addition to a briefing or talk. I've been invited to speak in Bangalore in March, 2005. The inviting organization can pay my transportation costs, but not a fee. I'd like to spend at least a week in India, a country I've always wanted to visit, but have never had the opportunity. But I can't afford to lose a week or more of work. Are there organizations or businesses in Bangalore who would be able to pay me less than my usual speaking fee -- and no travel expenses -- to brief their people about Smart Mobs and my latest endeavor -- The Cooperation Project? Use this form to contact me"
Howard Rheingold, the Smart Mobs guy, is planning a visit to Bangalore in March 2005. And Dina Mehta (on whose blog i found this, plans to figure out if she can make it worth his while to visit Bombay. Email her, or leave a comment at Conversations with Dina if you have any suggestions. Does this snag me an invite if it works out, Dina?

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