Friday, 9 July 2004

Dan Brown's book still not a-mouldering in the grave

We've been seeing this book a lot on Page 3 (The horror! We've admitted to looking at Page 3!), and even though we heard about, and even played the promo game on the book's site way back when it first came out, but we still haven't read it. Are we missing something?
The strangest part, for an Eastern reader, as I’m sure many of you found, was that reading the book became an interactive game. Many points it raised may be revelatory and shocking to the Western reader but are so internalised by Indians that we start second-guessing the author on what argument or evidence he’ll produce next. And we’re usually right!
Renuka Narayan in the Indian Express on the Da Vinci Code. [Link courtesy Sunil R Nair.]

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