Sunday, 18 July 2004

Wonder what Dubyaed will mean?

Some extracts from The Future Dictionary of America, which has contributions from Dave Eggers, Joyce Carol Oates, as excerpted in
Cheney Effect [chay nee ee fekt]n. the manifestation of personality changes brought on by the reception of a transplanted organ, usually the heart. JEFFREY EUGENIDES
dark natter [dark nat ur]n. an analogue of dark matter, which astrophysicists speculate may constitute as much as 90 percent of the universe, dark natter is empty but continuous chatter of an ominous sort, whether in direct discourse, by way of the electronic media, or in print. A lethal cloud of dark natter formed above the nation's capital and is reported to be drifting in all directions. JOYCE CAROL OATES
limbaugh [lihm bah]n. a trait that renders one's testimony less relevant. Often used to refer to a paradox of hypocrisy, as when a commentator on public morals and ethics is himself a felonious drug addict. The fact that the president dodged the draft is a limbaugh for him, given he would like to send troops to their deaths. DAVE EGGERS"
The book is scheduled to be out next month.

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