Monday, 5 July 2004

Super Tutor

"With the knowledge web, humanity's accumulated store of information will become more accessible, more manageable, and more useful. Anyone who wants to learn will be able to find the best and the most meaningful explanations of what they want to know. Anyone with something to teach will have a way to reach those who what to learn. Teachers will move beyond their present role as dispensers of information and become guides, mentors, facilitators, and authors. The knowledge web will make us all smarter. The knowledge web is an idea whose time has come."
From "ARISTOTLE" (THE KNOWLEDGE WEB) By W. Daniel Hillis on Edge.
Fascinating reading - no, let me say required reading for anyone interested in teaching and knowledge, and how technology can change things, is already changing things. And do read the Reality Club responses at the end of Hillis's piece. This blog's brain still hurts from all the ideas and points of view. Perhaps that's the reason we haven't been to Edge in a while. Makes one feel so darn inferior and shallow.[via Kitabkhana.]

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