Sunday, 4 July 2004

Canada, we predict, will be the new hotbed of international terrorism

"Alberta sits atop the biggest petroleum deposit outside the Arabian peninsula - as many as 300 billion recoverable barrels and another trillion-plus barrels that could one day be within reach using new retrieval methods. (By contrast, the entire Middle East holds an estimated 685 billion barrels that are recoverable.)"
According to this Wired magazine article, Washington's finest are crawling all over Canada's permafrost. And even W has learned to say "tar pits." Given the conventional US disdain for the Canucks, and the bad press Halliburton's been getting, we think that Canadian's will soon be 'liberated' from the influence of the Queen. Maybe in time for the elections?
[..Added later..]
Ooh, sorry. How could we forget that the Frozen North is bilingual? And that the second language is native to a country that blotted its copybook (and that after all that sterling work helping the founding fathers of the US and giving them the Statue of Liberty) by not joining in the War on Oil Producing States? Awright then. Now they'll have to speak Freedom.
Happy Fourth of July.

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