Monday, 26 July 2004

Come as you are: your RSVP as your avatar.

With your permission, we'd like to push a personal project.
It started with an idea we had, to do something like The Noon Quilt, an online collobarative writing project we participated in many years ago. We thought we'd invite creative people to send in short entries to a web page that would become a virtual greeting card for India. The entries could be in any form that the web supports, linked by some connection to India's existence as a country. Unfortunately we got this brainwave a little too late to do anything about creating the page and back end that would make it possible, so we got, though we say so ourselves, innovative.
Ryze event listings are normally used to invite participation in physical events, but we decided to try an experiment, using the Guest List as the medium, so to speak.
Ryze members can use their RSVPs to either contain their entries or link to them.
Here's a few extracts from the Event Page.
Here's the one-line brief:
In your RSVP, tell us about your India.
What kind of entries fit in?
Your contribution could be on any subject connected with India or Indians. Some suggestions: your idea of India, its future, its past, its present, what being Indian means, what India means.There's no restrictions as to form, as long as it can be displayed on the web: poem, limerick, joke, essay, story, scripts, blogpost, cartoon, ASCII art, a scan of a painting or sculpture you have done, a digital image or animation, a lyric, a music score, a recording, even an entire multimedia page you have stored elsewhere. (And remember, even your choice of Yes, No or Maybe is an intrinsic part of your 'entry.')
The List stays open up to 23:59, IST, August 15th. If you're a member of Ryze, all you have to do is stroll over to the event page to say "Happy 57th, India!"
If you'd like to become a member, just pop over an join up - it's free, and damn useful, even if you don't want to join in on this thing of ours - or mail us, and we'll send you an invite.
By the way, anyone who's willing to host this elsewhere, as in with a proper URL, hosting, some back end support, go over to the Non Quilt page, check out the source code (it's in PERL, and free to download) and get back to us. Quick!

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