Saturday, 11 March 2006


This blog is away for the weekend. It will be catching a train tonight to go off and do back-breaking journalistic assignment of great import..

Heh. Sorry. Can't keep a straight face. We're gonna be at Pachmarhi, where we will laze for a few days, now and then asking a few questions and taking notes, while the photographer goes off and does the energetic things photographers do.

If there's anything urgent, please contact.. oh, anyone else.

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J. Alfred Prufrock said...

Weird. Your latest post shows up on my Bloglines but not when I move to your page. Time travel?

I so agree that the picture is almost all about the frame, the vision. But try shooting with a cheap disposable type camera and see the difference. Good equipment can turn an ordinary frame into a keepsake and a good frame into a thing of wonder.