Saturday, 4 March 2006

In Pakistan...

..blogger and blogspot sites have apparently been blocked by some ISPs. Help-Pakistan has launched a protest campaign online.

Personal update: From a pal in Lahore, I hear:
As for the blogspot dilemma, indeed they seem to have been blocked. But i haven't recieved any information that would implicate the government yet. Some people on dial up connections and/or DSl connections haven't had the problem. Its just the cable providers such as world call and satcomm that seem to have blocked blogspot. It is likely that blogspot has officially been banned but a official confirmation of that sepcualtion hasn't been made available yet.

It would indeed be a sad state of affairs if we have been censored like that, but then no atrocity is a surprise these days. I wonder what they'll ban next. Maybe hotmail.

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DrPak said...

Pakistani bloggers are rapidly organizing to launch a media protest against the ban. I'm sure we'll be successful. We cannot allowed this to go on any longer.

We're organizing at the Action Group Against Blogspot Ban in Pakistan. Please join us. We need all the volunteers we can get!